I recently went to a baby shower and as payment for note taking, I got to keep all of the ribbons from the wrapping. So of course I had to make a hair bow with some of them.


Now for your crafting pleasure, here it is, the tutorial on how to make a big bow.




  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Fire
1. Cut two strips of ribbon. I made mine about 11 1/2 inches and 14 1/2 inches, which gave me a bow about as wide as my head.


2. Put a line of glue down the middle of the back of the ribbon and fold one end in.


3. Do the same on the other side so both ends meet in the middle on the backside of the ribbon to form a figure 8-like loop.


4. Repeat on the other ribbon.


5. Glue the smaller one on top of the larger one.


6. Cut another length of ribbon for the center of your bow. Make sure it is long enough to wrap around the looped pieces vertically.


If you’re using a large ribbon, you can make it narrower by folding the ends in lengthwise and gluing them into the middle.


7. Use a candle/lighter to melt the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.


8. Glue down the strip into the middle of the bow on the front.


9. Wrap one end around and glue to the back of the bow.


10. Wrap the other end around and tighten until it makes a nice bow. Then glue it to the other end of the strip so that it forms a loop.


11. You can now slip a hair clip or bobby pin into the loop and strut your upcycling stuff.


So cute.

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