Bookish Things

If you’re interested, check out some of my short stories:

– “The Perfect Neighbors” is a darkly humorous tale about the horrors of new neighbors. You can find it at Flash Fiction Magazine.


– Five of my new micro fiction stories are now available in the first issue of Whispers and Echoes on their website or on Wattpad.

Check out “A Necessary Breakup”, “Life is But a Dream”, “The Snowstorm”, “A Soul Reflected”, and “Empathy”. For more stories you can follow me on Wattpad.


– New micro-fiction story available at 101 Words. A silly twist on a fairy tale classic.



– “The Golden-Stair Life”, a quick story that puts a new spin on a classic fairy tale, can be found on 101 Words.



– Also look for “Sticks and Stones” in the anthology, Mutate, available at the Kindle Store.




Bad news: I’ve been M.I.A. for a while due to party planning. Good news: I’ve published some new stories in the gap.

Check out the new anthology, Electromagnetism, on Amazon. It’s a collection of horror stories featuring my short story, “From the Depths”. Because who doesn’t love walking sharks?

I also have two flash fiction stories and a poem in Summer Spells. Check out “Glory Night”, “The Last Strawberry of Summer”, and “One More Page” over on Wattpad.



– New micro fiction story is now available on 101 Words for all you book-lovers out there.



Hello readers!

Some of my new poems are now available in the online anthology, Love Letters to Gaia. Check out “Earth”, “My Grandmother”, “Most of All”, “Time Out”, and “Find a Way” on Wattpad and finish up your weekend getting in touch with nature and exploring your love of the earth.



New stories available! Check out “The Real Little Red” in Flash Fiction Magazine for a new twist on another classic tale.

Also available are four new poems and a new flash fiction story. You can find “Sleeves”, “Word of Encouragement”, “Tragedy”, “The People I Knew”, and “Hush” in Whispers and Echoes Issue 2 on Wattpad.



My newest short story, “Midnight at the Manure Pit”, is now available in the Winter Wishes anthology. A perfect heart-warming read to keep out the winter chill, based on a true story.

Read it for FREE on Wattpatt!…/130171635-winter-wishes-a-m…/parts

Happy reading!

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