This is a very fun and easy way to beautify scrap paper and what-have-you. It can be a bit messy so I suggest having lots of newspaper at hand or doing it outside. But it is a great craft for kids and adults alike.


  • Finger paint (or other paint/food coloring)
  • Bowls/containers (one for each color you would like to use)
  • Straws
  • Bubbles (or dish/hand soap works fine if you don’t have any bubbles)
  • Paper
  1. Lay out newspaper. I put multiple layers down to soak up any spillage. This makes for easy cleanup later.
  2. Put a dollop of paint in each of the bowls. I found that plastic bowls worked better than glass bowls for whatever reason. #science?
  3. Add bubbles (or soap and water mixture) to each bowl. You can play around with the consistency of this.
  4. Stir with straw.
  5. Place one end of the straw into the mixture and begin to blow. Ideally, bubbles should begin to rise up from the bowl. If not, add more bubbles/soap mixture. The bubbles should be the same color as your paint. If not, just add more paint and stir again. You can use some scrap paper to test out if there is enough paint.








6. Once you found a consistency that works, blow bubbles until they reach the top of the bowl. Then place a piece of paper over the bowl. When you take away the paper, bubble designs should appear. Continue decorating the paper, blowing more bubbles as needed.



Play around with different color combinations and designs. There are tons of ways to use these cool works of art. Check out my exclusive Party Page posts (coming soon) for tips.

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