3 stars

I liked this book slightly better than the first, mostly because I felt more comfortable and knowledgeable about the reoccurring slang terms used.

This series is a bit of a cross between DivergentThe Hunger Games, and X-Men, which is definitely not a bad thing.

As with the first book, I thought the writing was good. But the thing that really got to me in the book was Kira’s character. While I was apathetic to her in the first book, in this book I was just annoyed with her. She is very naive and never seems to know what is going on. Her thoughts are also so chaotic and she is constantly under stress all of which is emphasised by her complete lack of confidence in anything. I wanted a stronger character, but Kira made me lose faith. She was always so unsure of herself, which was annoying and made me disengage with her as a character.

Overall, a good book but the characters were sadly lacking.

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