Making paper flowers can be a nice, relaxing craft that is great to do in groups or with children. Instead of using tissue paper or other decorative paper, try using newspaper for a great way to get some upcycling into your life.




  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Twist tie (optional)
  • Newspaper tube (find tutorial here)


1. Cut newspaper into equal sections. I took each page and cut them in half. Separate out three pieces to make the flower.


2. Stack the newspaper pieces together.


3. Begin to accordion fold the newspapers together lengthwise.


This should create a sort of fan.


4. Flatten the newspaper strip out and round out the ends using the scissors.


5. Secure with a twist tie if desired. For a front-facing flower you can start making your petals from here. For an upward facing flower, see Modifications section below.


6. Carefully, fan out each layer of newspaper. The paper is delicate and my rip so do not rush this step.


7. Starting with the innermost layer, begin to gently pull the newspaper upward.


8. Do the same on the other side.


9. Repeat on the other two layers of newspaper on each side.


10. If you want a front facing flower, attach the stem to the back of the flower and secure with tape or hot glue.



Modifications: here are some alternative ways to make a flower using newspaper.

  • Painted Flower
Before making the flower, you can paint the sheets of newspaper for added color. Be sure to allow the paper to completely dry before making the flower, otherwise it will tear more easily.
  • Upward Facing Flower
After folding your paper accordion style, you can attach the stem by wrapping it around the center of the strip, making a loop, and secure it in place with tape. You can also do this step after the flower is complete, but it is easier to do before making the petals.


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