Paper flowers are an easy way to upcycle scrap paper. It’s a great craft for group craft nights or crafting with kids. Paper flowers are usually made from tissue paper or decorative paper, but here is a way to upcycle your receipts into cute decorations.



  • Receipts
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Skewer or dowel
  • Glue stick
  • Twist tie (optional)
1. First, make your stem using a receipt and the skewer. Find the tutorial here.


2. To begin making the flower, cut receipts into three or four rectangles. The bigger the pieces, the bigger the flower.


3. Stack them together. The pieces should be roughly the same size.



4. Now begin to accordion fold the receipts together lengthwise.
When you’re done, it should make a sort of fan.



5. Using a pair of scissors, round out both ends of the receipts.


Now there are two ways to secure the flower. The first utilizes a twist tie, the second does not. The choice is yours which one you prefer. The advantage to Option 1 is that the receipts will stay in place better while you are making the flower. Option 2 may move around a bit more while you’re making the flower, but it still works if you don’t have a twist tie handy.


Option 1:

1. Cut a twist tie in half.


2. Wrap around the center of the receipt strip and twist ends together. From here you can follow the steps in Option 2. Also, if you don’t have a twist tie, you can use string or tape as well. 


Option 2:

1. Instead of using a twist tie, you can flatten one end of the stem you made and wrap it around the center of the receipt strip.


2. Secure in place with a piece of tape.


Now to make the petals.


6. Spread the layers of receipts out as much as possible, being careful not to tear them.


7. Carefully, pull each layer up and out, creating the petals. Do this on both sides.


Your flower should look something like this, although it is up to you how you style your petals.


You can throw them in a vase and stick them on a table or ledge for a nice crafty decoration.

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