Go figure. Another post that combines my love of hair bows with my love of the Harry Potter universe. You can never have too many ways to express your fandom.




  • Ribbon
  • Bottle cap
  • Paint and paintbrush (you will need two different colors- I used white and black. I also used a gloss to add some shine)
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Scrap ribbon/fabric


1. Paint the bottle cap whatever base color you chose. For tips on how to easily paint a bottle cap, click here.


2. Using a thin paintbrush, add the deathly hallows symbol. I found it is easiest to make the triangle first, add the elder wand line, and then make each half of the circle so that it fits nicely inside. Once it’s dry, you can add a layer of gloss if you would like.


3. Now to make your bow. Cut a length of ribbon. It should be about twice as long as you’d like your bow to be.


4. Put a line of hot glue down the middle of the ribbon and fold one end inward to create half of the bow.


5. Do the same on the other side to create your bow.


6. Take a strip of fabric to make the center of your bow.


7. Hot glue one end of the fabric strip to the back of the bow.


8. Pull the other end of the strip around the bow, pulling as tightly as is necessary to create the desired bow. Glue into place at the back and trim any excess.


Now you have your bow. Time to prep the bottle cap center.


9. Take your bottle cap and some scrap pieces of ribbon and/or fabric.
Glue the scraps into the bottle cap until it is completely filled.










The scraps should be even with the outer edge of the bottle cap, creating a flat surface to glue onto the bow.


10. Hot glue the bottle cap to the middle of the bow.


11. Add any finishing touches and you are ready to rock that bow.


For suggestions on adding a clip to your bow, check out the options at the end of the tutorial foundĀ here.

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