Here is the tutorial for making Care Bear ears. This process also works for other characters/animals, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, lions, tigers, bears (oh, my). You can change the shape of the ears to create ears for cats, dogs, pigs, etc.


I made Love-a-lot Bear, but you can use the same techniques to make other bears as well. This tutorial is broken down into four sections: tummy patch, ears, tail, and accessories.





  • Headband
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Scrap fabric in desired colors
  • Scrap paper and pencil


1. Using the scrap paper, cut two ear-shaped pieces. Put them up against the headband to figure out the size you want.


2. Trace the ears onto a piece of cardboard, leaving some excess on the bottom side to attach to the headband.


3. Cut the ears out and fold the extra bottom piece backwards.


4. Take another strip of card board and cut to fit the top of the headband.


5. Hot glue the ears to the top of the cardboard.


6. Cut two small strips of cardboard and loosely attach to where the front of the ears meets the cardboard. Leave enough room so that the headband can easily slide under the strips to secure the cardboard onto the head band.


7. Slide the headband through under the ears and position as desired.


8. Now begin to cover the ears in fabric. Lay a piece of fabric over the ear and glue the rounded edges into place, leaving the flat side unattached.


9. Stuff scrap pieces of fabric into the ear to the desired thickness.


10. Glue down the flat side.


11. Wrap the fabric over onto the other side and repeat the gluing and stuffing process.


12. Repeat this process on the other ear.


13. Cut two pieces of white fabric and glue to the front of the ears.


14. If you want you can also cover the cardboard strip with fabric as well. If you do this, just make sure that you are still able to slide the headband in place.

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