I have a cat, which means I have a lot of cat-related problems, such as hair in my water cup, being woken up at 4 a.m. by a screaming feline, and getting stuck to the couch because a cute, little fluffball is asleep on my lap. Another cat-related problem is keeping my cords and wires away from this monster who loves anything even remotely like a string.


Here’s a craft to help hide those cords (from cats or just to make things look a little more organized).



  • Tissue box
  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper (I used a calendar page and some book pages)
  • Glue
  • Optional: pencil, tape, twist ties
Make sure everything is nice and even so when you flip it over, the box lays flat.
1. Cut off the top of the tissue box (this will now be the bottom of your cord holder).










2. Start to cover your box however you want. I used some book pages to line the bottom so I would have a nice border. DO NOT COVER THE SIDES YET.
If using paper, cover the box as if you were trying to wrap a present really, really nicely. For me, this just means creasing the edges, because I’m horrible at wrapping things. Good luck!











Now you can make the holes for your cords to go through.


Tip: Measure the cord you want to use and make sure that the plug with fit through the hole. This is important if you are using a chunky charger such as a laptop charger.
3. Use your scissors to poke holes in each end of the box to slide your cords through.











4. Now it’s time to cover the sides. Cut a piece of paper to fit the side, then use a pencil to trace the inner square on the inside.


5. Draw a capital I in the middle of the box.


6. Cut along the I and then cut diagonally from the I to the corners of the box. Fold the flaps inward along the edges.


7. Glue the side piece into place.


8. Then glue the tabs into inside of the box so that you have little windows. You can also tape the edges inside so they stay in place.


And there is your box.


9. Organize your wires as desired. You can use a twist tie to hold the cords together.


You can push…
for the desired length when you need it.
or pull the cord…



If you’re using a charger that generates a lot of heat (such as a laptop charger), you can flip the box over when in use.




That’s one less cat problem to deal with.

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