I absolutely hate putting wet sponges on the counter, because they get everything else wet and it’s just another thing that I have to clean. Here’s a simple, easy-to-clean solution.



  • Empty detergent container
  • Empty wipes container
  • Scissors/ knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Decorating materials
  •  (I used washi tape- whatever you use just make sure it can stand up against getting wet)


1. Using the knife and scissors, cut the bottom off of the detergent container. This will act as the base.


2. Smooth out any sharp or uneven edges. (Now that the container is open it will be easier to give it an extra cleaning to make sure everything is off of it.)


3. Put the wipes container inside the bottom of the detergent container to measure how tall you want it to be. This will depend on what you will store it in.


4. Cut off the bottom of the wipes container where desired and trim off the edges.


5. Peel off any labels that were stuck on. (For the detergent container, this is much easier to do after you have cut it.) Or if you want to cover the whole thing with decorations, then don’t worry about the label. 


6. Hot glue the wipes container to the middle of the detergent container.


7. Decorate as desired.




And there you have it. To clean any debris or soap scum, just remove sponges and rinse container under water or wipe with a paper towel. Easy.

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