2 stars

So I don’t really know that much about Tori Spelling, but I saw this in The Little Free Lending Library and thought I’d give it a try.

Overall, it was okay. There are funny parts, there are annoying parts. It seemed a little rushed to me and filled with allusions to the same events over and over again (we get it, Liam pooped in the pool).

This is an interesting take on celebrity mothers and some issues that they deal with that “normal” people wouldn’t have to. But because of that, it was pretty difficult to relate to. While I agreed with many of her philosophies on parenting and life, it was often so focused on what it was like to be Tori Spelling that the lessons were difficult to apply to non-celebrities. I know it’s a memoir and it’s supposed to be about her, but it often just turned into sections dedicated to her horrible relationship with her mother.

While Spelling is very open in this book, sometimes I think she goes a little too far. She constantly complains about her mother, which is not only awkward to read, but it is horribly annoying because it is so repetitive. I have always had a strained relationship with my own family, but I can only imagine what a boring book I would write if I just went on and on about said relationship.

A quick read that gives some insight into life as a celebrity.

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