If you’re a book-lover, there may be some book that you’d like to display. Or you like to cook and need something to keep your cookbooks open. Or, like me, you want to display some of your souvenir programs from various musicals. Or any other of a hundred reasons you might want a book stand. Well, here you go. Here’s a way to make a handy book stand out of an old wire hanger.



  • Wire hanger
  • Pliers
1. Pull the bottom of the hanger upward at the middle so that it bends upward toward the base of the hook.


2. Use the pliers to tightly pinch the corner of the hanger.


3. Do the same on the opposite corner.


4. Use the pliers to bend the end of the hanger up into an L-shape.


5. Bend it again to make a backwards J-shape. This will be where the bottom of the book rests so make sure that it is wide enough to accommodate whatever book you are using.


6. Repeat on the other side so each corner ends in a hook.


7. If you are using your stand to hold a book open (laying relatively flat), bend the hook of the hanger upward at the base of the hook. (See Note after step 11 for how to bend for a more upright display style.)


8. Turn the hook so that it lines up between the two corners of the hanger.


9. With the pliers, bend the hook inward to make a little loop.


10. Pull up the bottom piece of the hanger that you folded inward in the beginning of the tutorial.


11. Hook the loop of the hanger onto the bent-in piece. Adjust as needed. You can push the corners of the stand inward or pull them outward to accommodate the book you are using.


Note: If you want to display tall books (souvenir programs) or other books in a more upright way, instead of bending the hook at the base, bend the hanger closer to the corners. This may take some guessing and checking. Turn proceed with steps 8-10.


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