You might not really think of it as a challenge, but painting something as small as a bottle cap has some unique hardships. You have to get into the little grooves along the edges. You have to paint the top enough to cover the logo. And most difficult of all, painting one part without smudging another part. It can be rough. But here to help you are some tips for how to make painting a bottle cap a little bit easier.


1. First pick out your paint. It is easier to paint bottle caps that are a similar color to the paint you want to use. Hence, painting a yellow bottle cap gold is a lot easier than painting a black bottle cap gold. Do you best to match bottle caps to paint, but if you don’t have a bottle cap that is close to the paint you want to use, no worries. You may just need a few more coats of paint.


2. Grip the bottle cap between your thumb and finger (middle or index, whatever). Begin to paint the edges using downward brushstrokes.


3. Continue to paint all the way around the bottle cap, spinning to between your thumb and finger to get reach side.


4. Once your edges are covered, lay the bottle cap on a flat surface. Paint the top of the bottle cap, making sure to keep all of your strokes going in the same direction so you don’t uncover parts you’ve already painted. It is best to use brushstrokes that run all the way across the bottle cap’s surface.


5. Repeat until the bottle cap is covered to your liking. You can add a coat of Mod Podge or gloss to give it a shiny finish. Make sure to keep bottle caps separated so that the painted surfaces don’t get stuck together. Now off you go, craft away.

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