• Yellow cloth or wide ribbon (I used strips of an old T-shirt)
  • Thin black ribbon or cloth
  • Red fabric/acrylic paint or gems
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional:
    • Bottle cap
    • Red, white, and black paint
    • Paintbrush
    • Modge Podge


1. If using cloth, cut a strip of it that is twice as long as you would like your bow to be. When you fold it in half lengthwise, the width of it should be the desired width of your bow.


It should be roughly rectangular when unfolded.


2. Put a line of glue lengthwise along the center of your strip and glue one side into the middle.


3. Do the same on the other side so that you have a burrito shape.


4. Now, put a line of glue down the middle of the strip width-wise and glue one end into the center.


5. Repeat on the other end.


6. Cut a smaller strip of cloth and make another burrito by gluing the long sides into the middle. Don’t worry about the ends; they won’t be exposed. This will be the middle of your bow.


7. To create the center of your bow, glue one end of the shorter strip to the back of the bow.


8. Wrap the strip around the middle of the bow tightly to get the desired effect, gluing it into place at the front and the back.


9. Cut two small strips of black ribbon/cloth.


10. Add the ears by gluing the ribbon onto the top corner of the bow. To do this, glue one end on the back of the bow, then wrap it around the corner and glue the other end onto the back.


11. Do this on the other side as well.


12. Add those cute, red cheeks with your paint/gems and go off and be adorable. You can either glue a hair clip onto the back of your bow or go here for a sneaky way to save clips.


Optional: As an added bonus, you can also make a Poke ball for the center of your bow.


To do this, paint a bottle cap to look like a Poke ball, ensuring to paint the sides as well. Add on a coat of Modge Podge for some extra shine.


Then, take some scrap cloth and fold it so that it fits snugly into the back of the bottle cap.


Glue it into place inside the bottle cap.


And finally, glue your Poke ball into the middle of your bow. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Now you can go catch em’ all.

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