Melted crayon art is really fun, but it takes some getting used to. If you have a project in mind that you would like to do, I suggest that you practice on a scrap piece of cardboard first.

But just because it is practice, doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a fun craft.

This was a piece of cardboard that I gave my boyfriend to play around with some extra crayons. It was a fun thing that we did together and I ended up making it a cool, decorative piece out of it.












  1. For this, I took a piece of cardboard that was covered in melted wax. Then, I heated up a section and, using a white crayon, melted letters into it.
  2. When I had finished the letters, I cut the cardboard in half.
  3. Then I made the outer cover. To do this, I took a large piece of cardboard and covered the edges using the technique described here.
  4. I folded the cardboard to resemble a book cover. By using a metal ruler, I folder pieces backwards on each side to create the indents for the spine.
  5. Then I hot glued another piece of cardboard inside of the spine to hold the book open the way I wanted it.
  6. Paint, paint, paint, paint.
  7. Finally, I hot glued the two wax-covered cardboard piece inside and voila.

Obviously, I’m not expecting people to recreate this project, but I’m hoping it will spark some ideas on how to make practice pieces into something else that are fun conversation pieces.

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