There are so many ways to repurpose toilet paper rolls. For wrapping paper, party favors, craft storage, closet clutter, and desk organization, just to name a few. But you can also use them for some sweet decor. Here’s how.




  • Lots of toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue (white glue works as well, but if going this route, you should also have clips to hold the pieces together as they dry)
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Pencil


1. Using the ruler, mark off how think you want the pieces to be. I made each half and inch long, which allowed 7-8 pieces for each roll (keep any pieces that are too thin for future crafting).


2. Cut along the measured marks.


3. Gather up all your pieces, because it’s time to…
PAINT! This can be kind of a process. I found it worked best to take it step-by-step in an assembly-line-like fashion. This way you can paint a batch, then paint another batch while those ones dry. Then you can go and finish painting the first batch while the second one dries. Trust me, it works out.












4. Paint the outside of the piece first.


5. Repeat on all of the pieces that you want this color.


6. Then paint the inside…
…and edges.










7. Repeat on the rest of the pieces.


8. Now it’s time to make your design. Be as creative as you want. There are tons of neat designs online. You can Google “toilet paper art” for ideas.


9. Essentially, for most designs, all you have to do is squeeze the tube in half (along the same folds the appeared when you were cutting) and glue the pieces together.


Here are some tips and ideas:



1. To make this design, start with four pieces. Fold them in half to make an eye or football shape.


2. Then take the corner of one piece and glue it to the corner of a second piece.


3. Repeat on the third piece.


4. Finally, glue both corners of the remaining piece to the corners of the first and third pieces to form a complete loop.


5. Make a whole bunch of those.


6. Then glue them together, side-by-side, to the dimensions you want…


…until you have your finished piece.












…simply put a little glue on it and press back into place.
If you find yourself with a piece where the inside is starting to unroll…











You can also play around with color, doing one…
…or even three colors of the same design to display together.










Hang on a nail on the wall and enjoy your handiwork.

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