There are tons of fun crafts you can use these magazine tubes for, such as making baskets, wall art, and picture frames. And it’s a great way to upcycle magazines, catalogs, newspapers, or junk mail. So it’s really a win-win. Added bonus: once you get the hang of it, it’s a wonderful thing to keep your hands busy while you binge watch TV. #winning



  • Paper product of some sort (magazine, newspaper, etc.)
  • Skewer stick
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
1. Rip out pages of an old magazine and cut them in half diagonally.


2. Place the skewer at one of the corners of the hypotenuse side.


3. Begin to roll the magazine around the skewer to create a tube shape. Do not wrap it too tightly or it will not slide off of the skewer easily.


4. When you reach the end, put some glue on the other corner and wrap it around the tube to secure it in place.


5. Carefully slide the tube off of the skewer.


6. Now sit back, relax, and start rolling.


Check out this tutorial on how to make an easy faux-wicker basket using your magazine tubes.

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