2 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

While Warr’s book includes many interesting events and adventures, it is a little slow to read because it is written as more as a series of lists rather than a full narrative. In many cases, the descriptions are not very detailed and the text is choppy, shifting from one topic to another with no real transition. Part of this is most likely due to the information being based from Warr’s journals at the time, but the fact remains that the writing is often vague and simplistic.

The information was interesting however, ranging from life with the huskies to modern day Antartica and how much it has changed since Warr’s time there in the 60s. History, culture, animal life, and party stories intermix throughout the text.

The chapters are mostly short, which makes reading more manageable. But as stated before, the list-like qualities and lack of narrative leave the reader not quite as captivated with the stories as Ward is with his own memories.

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