Stowaway File Folder

This is an awesome way to utilize space and stay organized. It’s great for any room in the house (or anywhere that you have cabinets). So far I have used to mine to declutter the utensil drawer and organize the cat stuff.


  • Box (I obviously used a cereal box)
  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Way to connect to cabinet (I used Command Strips)


1. Use the marker to draw a line where you want the top of your file folder to be. You can do a straight-cut or a diagonal one as shown. You can also get fancy and actually use a ruler or you can just eyeball it like I did.


2. Cut on the line. Then make sure everything is even and to your liking.


3. Now the hard part: Cover your box with paper. This is as easy as wrapping a present, which is bad news for me because I am horrible at wrapping presents.


For best results, fold along the edges for crisp corners. Note: It’s okay if the back and bottom don’t match the front because they will be out of sight. I just used some blank scrap paper for these parts.


4. Glue paper onto the box.
Again, since the back of the box will be against the cabinet, you don’t have to use the same paper as the front.









5. Attach whatever you came up with to stick your box to the door. I reused old Command strips by hot gluing them to the back.


6. Stick them on the cabinet. (You’ll have to use new strips if you went this route.)


6. Organize and declutter!

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