How catchy is that title? Well, it doesn’t just sound good, it is also extremely useful. It is summertime and for me, that means festivals. Whether it’s German Fest or Bastille Days, there is always something going on. On where there are festivals, there are free things. But one of the (maybe only?) annoying things about free things is having to carry them. Have no fear. Here is a simple trick for turning a T-shirt (that maybe just happened to be a freebie) into a handy tote bag.



  • Literally all you will need for this is a T-shirt (the bigger the better) and the know-how to tie a basic knot


1, Turn the shirt inside out. Like I said, in general, the bigger the better. I used a Medium shirt and was still able to fit a lot of stuff into it.


2. Flip the shirt so that the collar is toward you and begin to fold or roll the collar and sleeves upward toward the bottom hem.


3. Continue to fold or roll up to the armpit of the sleeves.


4. Grab each sleeve and pull them to meet in the middle of the rolled part of the shirt.


5. Tie the sleeves into a knot. This will act as the bottom of your bag.


6. Double knot it to make sure that it is secure and nothing falls out.


7. Turn the shirt right side out again.


8. To make the handles, grab opposite sides of the shirt hem and tie them together loosely at the ends. Again, double knot to make sure they are secure.


Now you are ready to load up on more free things.

And the best part? It’s totally reversible, so at the end, you still have a free shirt along with all of the goodies you put inside it.

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