5 stars

I received this book from Goodreads’ First Reads in exchange for an honest review.

Chanel Brenner takes a tragic, heart-wrenching loss in her life and creates awe-inspiring beauty from it.

This book of poetry is truly powerful. Shifting tone from regretful, snarky, guilty, loving, depressed, angered, annoyed, accepting, and so on, Brenner writes about missing her son, what she actually wants to say to ungrateful parents and friends who don’t understand, raising her second child, and memories of her first-born son. Brenner takes the reader into her heart and shares a few of her experiences dealing with the loss of a child.

Her poems are beautiful, sad, funny, relatable (or at least as relatable as such a loss can be), powerful, and eye-opening. The reader can feel her pain. She states that instead of crying she wrote poetry and it is damn good poetry at that. A book about loss and living with it. A book about life. A book for her son. This is a perfect piece of someone’s soul in the body of a book.

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