Rags to riches. Trash to treasure. Upcycling is a great way to organize and decorate. Now let’s get crafty!

Hello, all, and welcome to my blog!

I am an author, crafter, and book reviewer, so I took some of my favorite things and smooshed them all together onto this blog.

For crafting tips and tutorials, click the menu links above: “Crafting” and “Tips, Tricks, and Hacks”.

You can also find some great ways to save money under “Money Saving Opportunities”.

There are tons of book reviews on all sort of books, including picture books, YA, non-fiction, fantasy, and more under “Book Reviews”. All books are rated on a 5 star scale (1-hated it to 5-loved it). The only books I have not given star ratings for are book that feature some of my own work (Mutate, Electromagnetism, Love Letters to Gaia), but I have included some of my thoughts and recommendations. Type a title into the search bar, if you are looking for a specific book. You can also contact me if there is a book you are looking for that is not included. I have a huge back log of reviews not yet on the site and I read over 100 books a year, so it is possible that I have read it.

And you can find links and updates on all of my stories and poems under “Bookish Things”.

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Happy crafting (and reading)!

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To learn my about me as an author and my writing, you can find an awesome interview on Afternoon Tea at Sammi Loves Books. I had a blast answering the questions regarding my recent projects, inspiration, and, most importantly, the details of my dream afternoon tea with fictional characters.

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