As discussed previously, I’m not a fan of buying tons of frames, but I love framing things. So here is a way to make your own frames with a little cardboard and some glass.



  • Thick cardboard
  • Glass (I used a piece from a broken frame)
  • Thin brown paper bag
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Pencil
  • Other decorative material
  • Suggested supplies: a ruler (I hate measuring. #rebel)
1. Cut the cardboard to the width you’d like your frame to be and make a strip for each side. The cardboard should cover some of the glass on each side. Don’t have a strip long enough? Have no fear, just look here for an easy fix. 


2. Cut each strip diagonally at both ends so that the pieces join up to make a corner. (Hint hint: save your scraps.)


3. Straighten everything out and make sure it all fits nicely. All of those puzzles you did as a child has prepared you for this moment.


4. Hot glue the strips together where they meet at the corners so that the cardboard lays flat.


5. Flip it over and use some of the scrap cardboard to reinforce the seams.


6. Reinforce each of the four corners.


…the inside edge…
7. Using the technique discussed here, cover the edges on the outside edge…









…the joints on the front…
…and on the back.









You can also glue strips along the front of the frame…
…and along the back for a continuous look.









8. Now cut out a piece of cardboard to use as the back of your frame. The backing should cover the glass completely (except on the top) and leave a gap between it and the outer edge of the frame.


9. Paint the front of your frame as desired.
Optional shine-ification step.









10. Hot glue the glass into place along the inner back edge of the frame to keep it in place.


11. Glue down the backing after making sure whatever you want to put in the frame fits nicely.
You can also glue along the sides of the backing where it meets the frame to close up any gaps.









12. Use paper bag strips to cover the edges where the backing meets the actual frame.


13. Finish painting.


14. Add any other finishing touches.




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