For better or for worse, the holidays are over. That means no more holiday feasts and the ever-fun process of putting away and organizing Xmas decorations and things. One of those things you’re left to find a place for is likely excess wrapping paper. Spare wrapping paper is great to have, because you can usually use it for other wrapping opportunities and countless crafts. I, myself, currently have three different superhero-themed tubes of wrapping paper upstairs in my closet and I am quite proud of my collection.

But storing wrapping paper can be quite annoying. It always finds a way to unfurl and rip.  Even rubber bands haven’t been able to solve this problem. Here is a simple way to reuse something you may throw away weekly to make a perfect solution to this seasonal issue.

All you’ll need is a toilet paper tube and a pair of scissors.


Simply take an empty toilet paper roll and cut a line through it lengthwise.


Then open it up and place over the tube of wrapping paper. That’s it. Easy.


If you so desire you can use two toilet paper tube, one on each end, to hold it better. I found one tube in the middle worked fine for my purposes.


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