Have any old frames that are ugly, boring, or just need a new look? Slap some pretty ribbons on them for an easy fix. This is also a great way to make plain, cheap frames more exciting.

This is an awesome craft to do after a party/holiday that involves wrapped gifts. I just so happened to go to a baby shower last weekend, so I have an abundance of cute ribbons to work with.



  • Old frame
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Optional: flame to touch up ends of ribbons


1. Remove the glass and backing of your frame.


2. Cut a strip of ribbon for each side of the frame. You can use a flame to prevent the ends of the ribbon  from fraying if you choose.


3. Starting on one of the short sides, begin hot gluing the ribbon to the frame.


4. Run a line of glue around any edge or corner so that the ribbon is wrapped tightly around the frame and secured on the back.


5. Do the same on the other short side.


6. Take one strip for the long side and cut diagonally from the inner corner of the frame to where it will intersect the outer corner. Depending on how wide your ribbon and frame are, this may not mean that the diagonal cut extends all the way across the ribbon as in my photo.


7. Hot glue to the frame in the same manner as the short sides, ensuring that all corners and edges are secure.


8. Repeat on the last side.


9. Add any other desired flair and attach glass and backing.



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