Scrapbooking Tips:


Scrapbooking is a notoriously expensive hobby. My philosophy is that you should spend more money on actually doing fun things instead of spending it all on preserving the memories of said fun things. (Although I am a big fan of free fun as well.) So here are some money-saving tips for scrapbooking:



  • Scrapbook paper can be expensive, so cut out cool backgrounds from calendars and magazines to add some color to your scrapbook pages. I like to use these as backgrounds to my page labels.



  • Stickers are likewise surprisingly expensive. Cut out pictures and words from magazines and brochures to liven things up. You can also incorporate the items you want to include in fun ways, such as using them to label the page.

  • If you do buy stickers, buy ones you can use for multiple occasions (flowers, wine bottles, beer bottles- a theme emerges). Or splurge on specific stickers for events you go to multiple times (I go to the Renaissance Faire every year, so I just had to buy some cute fairy tale stickers).

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