I really love notebooks with cool covers. But I never want to throw them away after they are filled, because I like the cover so much. Here’s a great way to reuse those notebooks. I use mine to write reminders and grocery lists.

The main supplies you’ll need for this project are:

  • A clothespin (painted/decorated as desired)
  • An empty notebook
  • Scrap paper

You’ll also need something to use as a clasp for your notebooks:

  • Ribbon and hot glue gun
  • Magnets
  • Or old Command strips and hot glue gun
1. Clip your decorated clothespin to the top of the back cover.


2. Clip in the scrap paper. This is a great way to reuse one-sided junk mail.


3. Apply your chosen method as a clasp for the notebook (if desired). I hot glued two pieces of ribbon to inside of the front and back cover.



You can even stick a magnet to the back and keep it one your refrigerator. If you choose this method, be sure to glue some cardboard between the back cover and the magnet to compensate for the clothespin. This way the notebook will lay flat against a surface.

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