• Glass jar (size depends on how big your flowers are)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Lots of ribbon!
1. Begin by gluing one end of the ribbon to the bottle.


2. Wrap the ribbon around the bottle, putting a line of glue on the ribbon as you go. Work your way up to the top.


Tip: If the ribbon you are using was tied in a bow/knot or is otherwise wrinkled, you can rub it on the edge of the table to help smooth it out. When gluing this section on, simply glue down the smooth part next to the wrinkle, pull taut, then glue down the smooth part after the wrinkle. You can also wrap smoother ribbon over this section to hide it.


Tip: If you reach the end of one piece of ribbon, simply glue down the end…
…then glue the next piece on. You can wrap the ribbon around this section again to cover the discontinuity.










3. Continue to glue the ribbon on all the way to the top. Cut off any extra ribbon. 


4. Add some flowers, and voila, you’ve got some fancy upcycled decore.

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