Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Yet another great use for wine bottles! And this is my first tutorial using power tools… yikes!


  • Empty wine bottle
  • 6 wine corks (can swap in a sparkling wine/champagne cork for the top)
  • Wire (I used the handle from a takeout container)
  • Pliers
  • Electric drill and 3/32 drill bit
  • Hot glue gun
1. Use the pliers to straighten the wire as much as possible. This will help reinforce your wine corks.


2. Take the first cork (make sure it fits in the mouth of the bottle you choose) and drill a hole halfway down the length of it.


3. Drill a hole completely threw the next four corks. (You should have one left.)


4. On the last cork (wine or champagne), drill a hole halfway down.


5. Push the wire into the first cork (this one should only have a hole halfway through it).


6. Now slide on the second cork (one that has been drilled all the way through).


7. Put glue on the top of the first cork and glue it to the bottom of the second cork.


8. Apply pressure.


9. Repeat until all of your corks have been glued into place along the wire (ending with the other cork that was drilled only halfway through).


10. Push the bottom cork into the opening of the bottle.


You can either glue the bottom cork into place or just leave it wedged in (this way you can change the bottle if you want to in the future).


Nice job! Look at you being all fancy.

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