Traveling is always a hassle no matter what fun place you are going to. I just recently took a trip to New York City and packing was a real pain. However, I was able to make my own travel containers to use for toiletries which left one less thing to worry about. These containers fit great into a Ziplock bag for air travel and work well if you need a little bit of multiple products. Check out this easy tutorial  and go travel the world.




  • Empty bottle (or at least the top of one) with cap
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Marker
  • Plastic (I used the top of a cookie container)
  • Recommended: hand saw or knife


1. Cut the top of the bottle off. You can make the container as deep as you would like. I cut mine right below the lip where that colored ring sits. To do this, I cut it off with a hand saw then trimmed the edges with the scissors.


2. Now trace the outer edge of the top onto the plastic.


3. Cut out the circle.


4. Make sure the circle fits nicely. This will act as the bottom of your container. Trim any overhanging or sharp edges.


5. Glue the plastic onto the bottom edge of the container. You can add a line of glue along the outside to help seal it.


6. This is essentially your container. I also added a line of glue along the inside to prevent any leaks.



  • Before you use your travel container, make sure that it is capable of holding liquids and gels without leaking. To do this, put a little water into the container and put the cap on. Then shake it, flip it, move it all around, assuring that none of the water leaks out. If you find any leaks, fill them in with more glue. You can also lay it upside down and gently press on the bottom to see if any water bubbles out. Once you are sure they are sealed, you are ready to fill them and go.
You can even add labels by adding a piece of scrap paper to the cap and putting a layer of Mod Podge on it. This won’t make the label waterproof, but it should last while you are on your trip.

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